Modular homes have no design limitations. Your manufacturer and local builder can work together to create any dream house you want. The key difference between prefab homes and traditional houses is that modular houses start out as individual sections that are constructed in a factory. The finished section are transported to your selected building site and then assembled together using giant cranes. The assembly process looks a little like building with Lego blocks but the construction standards are obviously a lot higher. Modular homes are built on foundations and cannot be moved after they are set on their foundation. These prefab houses can be any shape or size and will meet or exceed your local and state building codes. Once they are fully constructed, they are just as strong and attractive as any building constructed with traditional methods.

On the other hand, mobile homes (also known as manufactured homes) are built according to the federal HUD Building Code. This requires all mobile houses to be built on a non-removable steel chassis that severely limits their design options. Mobile houses can be moved from one site to another. Manufactured houses are not built on permanent foundations. Check out our home construction comparison chart. These homes can have any feature a traditionally built house enjoys. You can have glass sunrooms, extra tall ceilings, warm fireplaces and anything else you can dream up for your custom floor plan. Even with customized plans, you will save time and save money with modular construction.